This will be witnessed due to enormous trust and business interest shown towards the company by the Public and Private Institutions and clients for their constructional needs. We aspire to keep un-hindered growth of the company in meeting the future demands by enhancing, investing and restructuring the resources to suit the current accelerations in newer technologies.

Since the time of its creation, company has successfully grown to complete many diverse projects such as Villas, Buildings, ware  houses and many other related housings. Moreover due to its discipline, dedicated management leadership, lot of projects which are currently being under Construction & Maintenance are much ahead of the planned schedule, within the original budget and every time we attempt the job, we supersedes in quality and time due to its meticulous planning and uncompromising efforts at every stage of the project. In relation to its formation, company has gained reputation as one of the leading, best managed, dependable and reliable construction Company.

Green Palace Contracting & Maintenance LLC was established since 2006 in the emirate of Dubai by the visionary, dynamic, dedicated individuals in view to participate in the Nations Socio-Economic growth and render the constructional aspect of services to the giant Building construction and maintenance industry. Since its formation, it has grown rapidly and continually due to its strong and enviable quality building construction and maintenance practices and background with dedicated and highly skilled technical expertise. This division currently employs more than 200 employees and have appropriate machinery required to meet any kind of eventual need of the client.

GREEN PALACE CONTRACTING LLC shall cooperate and coordinate with Engineer/Client in all matters relative to the quality control program, and all personnel directly involved in this project shall be continuously kept informed of content requirements as work progress.

The QA/QC plan is established to ascertain that all construction activities are performed in complete conformance with the approved construction drawings and all applicable standards, specifications and requirements.

It is the policy of GREEN PALACE CONTRACTING & MAINTENANCE LLC to provide a consistent level of work performance that meets or exceeds the quality standards set forth in this plan. Quality is herein defined as conforming to the requirements and specifications cited within this plan in all matters of construction, materials, procurement control.

He shall be the responsible person for the Completion & Handover of the Project to the Consultant/ Client and to ensure that all relevant Certificates to this effect are being issued by the concerned authority.

He shall provide all support to the QA/QC engineer and shall ensure that all the inspection and corrective action requirements are carried out by the construction personnel to comply with the specifications.

The Project Manager is responsible for the effective control of the Project. He will be responsible for ensuring that the work is performed in accordance with the Contract specifications and within the time and cost constraints. He shall arrange the necessary manpower, plant, machinery and materials to complete the construction activities in accordance with the contract requirements.

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